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Headlight Restoration: $70 for all vehicles

Headlight Restoration is the process of bringing clarity back to your headlight lenses. Headlight lenses have a protective clear coat film and if that film starts to break down, the lenses get really foggy or hazy. This occurs because the UV rays from the sun continuously beat down on the lenses and start to strip away the clear coat film. This can also be a safety issue because foggy headlights can reduce your visibility while driving at night. The way to prevent this from happening is to keep some type of protection, such as a wax or sealant on the lenses at all times, especially if you live in hot climates, such as West Palm Beach. GR8 Auto Detailing does more than just car washes. I have expertise in many different areas of auto detailing besides cleaning interiors and exteriors. As a mobile detailer, I can bring the clarity back to your headlights and restore them to a like-new finish.