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Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections, such as scratches and swirls from your vehicles paint. Most people think that applying a wax to your car makes it shiny and glossy. That's not entirely true. Though waxes and sealants can somewhat add some shine and gloss to your vehicle, what makes your paint shine the most is removing all of the imperfections. If you removed all of the scratches and swirls from your cars paint, waxing it would serve no purpose other than protection because your cars paint would be as shiny and glossy as it could be. Now there is a slight difference between paint enhancement and paint correction. Paint Enhancement is more about enhancing the look of your paint and less about removing any defects. Paint Correction is more about removing defects from your paint as well as enhancing its look. Depending on how well your vehicles paint has been maintained and how hard or soft the clear coat is on your vehicle is going to determine how much of the defects can be removed. 

All In One Polish(Paint Enhancement): Starts at $150                    

Light Defect Removal (10%-20%)


One Step Polish(Paint Correction): Starts at $200

Light to Moderate Defect Removal (30%-50%)


Two Step Polish(Paint Correction): Starts at $250   

Moderate to Heavy Defect Removal (60%-100%)                                     











GR8 Auto Detailing, Mobile Detailing, Scratch and Swirl removal. West Palm Beach
GR8 Auto Detailing Two Step Polish

Price of paint enhancement and correction does not include a wash. Vehicle must be washed and clayed before any enhancement or correction is done. Price may go up based on size of vehicle.

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