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GR8 Auto Detailing Scratch Removal

Wetsanding is the process of removing or diminishing the look of deep scratches in your vehicles paint via the combination of water and sand paper. Essentially, it involves rubbing sandpaper over the scratch in order to smooth out the edges of that scratch, therefore either diminishing or getting rid of the scratch all together. Depending on how deep the scratch is will determine if it can be completely removed or just diminished. Some scratches cant be removed or diminished if it is too deep. The purpose of getting a scratch wetsanded is because it is significantly cheaper than getting that part of your vehicle repainted. The drawback to wetsanding is that it removes clearcoat from your vehicle. Clearcoat is what protects your paint from the harsh outdoor elements, so removing clearcoat from the part of the vehicle being wetsanded makes it more vulnerable to those elements. If a scratch is not too deep, then wetsanding is a great option to diminish the scratch in such a way that you would have to be standing at the right angle and in the right lighting to even see it. As a professional detailer, I pride myself in getting the best results possible for your vehicles situation. Above is an example of what can be accomplished with wetsanding. As you can see, it removed a lot of the scratches and even though a few scratches still remain, they were diminished significantly. Price based on number of scratches being removed or diminished. 

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